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Playing Dragon Tiger Online at W88 | Up to 1:8 Odds

Dragon Tiger, a beloved game among W88 members, offers simplicity alongside significant profit potential. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of playing Dragon Tiger online at W88, exploring every aspect to ensure an enriching gaming experience.

About W88's Online Dragon Tiger Game:

Originating from East Asia, Dragon Tiger is a straightforward casino game available on W88's platform. Centered around two symbols, Dragon and Tiger, the game unfolds on a single betting table within the casino environment after w88 sign in.

Dealer's Task: Each game table's dealer distributes one face-up card to both Dragon and Tiger, representing two sides of the betting table.

Player Objective: Participants aim to predict which side—Dragon or Tiger—will receive a higher-valued card or if it will result in a tie. Correct predictions lead to winnings based on predefined odds for each betting option.

Steps to Play Dragon Tiger Online at W88:

To engage in the Dragon Tiger game on W88's platform, players must first create a betting account using the provided links at the beginning of this article. Moreover, first-time depositors stand a chance to receive a bonus of up to 6,150,000 VND. Once the deposit process is complete, players can proceed as follows:

Step 1: Login to Your W88 Account and Select the Casino Lounge

Revisit your W88 account and choose the casino lounge based on your preferences:

Click "Login" to input your account username and password.

Navigate to "Live Casino" to view available casino lounges.

Click "Play Now" beneath the selected betting lounge's logo.

Step 2: Choose the Dragon Tiger Game Table Within the Betting Lounge

Upon accessing the desired betting lounge, proceed to select the Dragon Tiger betting table by: 4. Opting for "Other" to reveal the available betting tables, including Dragon Tiger.

Clicking "Join Table" to enter the game.

Step 3: Place Your Bet Chips and Await the Outcome

At this stage, you'll enter a live-streamed gaming table with the dealer distributing cards. Here's how to place your bets: 6. Select betting chips according to your preferred value.

Use the mouse to place your chips on the desired betting option, then await the outcome.

Elaboration on Dragon Tiger Rules: A Detailed Exploration

Number of Decks Used: In Dragon Tiger, the number of decks utilized significantly impacts the game's dynamics. W88's version of Dragon Tiger adheres to the standard use of 6 to 8 decks, each comprising 52 playing cards. This ensures that the game maintains unpredictability and fairness, preventing any single player from gaining a consistent advantage based on deck memorization.

Card Values: Understanding the hierarchy of card values is fundamental in grasping the essence of Dragon Tiger. The cards, regardless of suit, are ranked from Ace, considered the lowest in value, to King, representing the highest value. This simplistic ranking system aligns with the game's straightforward nature, making it accessible even to those new to casino gaming.

Card Distribution: The pivotal moment in every round of Dragon Tiger occurs when the dealer distributes one card to each side—Dragon and Tiger. This act sets the stage for the subsequent comparison, where the goal is to predict which side will receive the card with the higher value. The simplicity of this distribution process contributes to the game's fast-paced and exciting nature, keeping players engaged and intrigued.

Determining the Outcome: Dragon Tiger's outcome hinges on a straightforward principle: the side with the higher card prevails. In the event of a tie—both Dragon and Tiger receiving cards of equal value—the result is a push. A push implies that the wagered amount is returned to the player without any loss or gain. This fairness factor enhances the appeal of Dragon Tiger, as it minimizes the potential for abrupt losses due to tied rounds.

Correct Predictions and Payouts: The heart of Dragon Tiger lies in the player's ability to predict the outcome accurately. When a player correctly anticipates which side will have the higher card, they are rewarded with corresponding payouts. The payout structure correlates with the simplicity of the game—no convoluted odds or intricate calculations. This straightforward approach encourages both seasoned players and newcomers to explore the game with confidence, knowing that correct predictions lead to tangible rewards.

In essence, the basic rules of Dragon Tiger underscore its accessibility and universal appeal. Whether you're a seasoned casino enthusiast or a newcomer exploring the realm of online gaming, the simplicity and transparency of Dragon Tiger on W88's platform ensure an engaging and rewarding experience for all players.


This guide has provided comprehensive instructions for playing Dragon Tiger online at W88, catering to players of all levels. Armed with this knowledge, players can seamlessly engage in Dragon Tiger betting tables and maximize their potential profits. Happy gaming and w88 withdrawal!


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